World Map Of What Countries Are Best At

December 7, 2016


Note: Larger version HERE if squinting isn't your thing.

This is the world map of what countries are best at. It was created by David McCandless of so if you have any problems with it direct your hate in that direction and away from me. I've got enough haters already. "You suck, you're awful!" You sound like my mom.

The data has been collected from the World Bank, United Nations, and other sources. It was then divided into 9 categories (commodity, psychology, ecology, gastronomy, economy, nicety, humanity, technology, and nasty) and assigned to each individual state (excluding the very small ones). It's also worth mentioning that the values are either "mostly per capita" or "% of the population".

Heck yeah the United States clenched the win for spam emails. I love those shifty boner pill offers. I even made a Gmail folder ('B0NARS') just for all the boner pill emails I get. Sometimes when I get sad I go and look through them all and daydream about how big my penis would be if I took them all at once.

Thanks to Tam, who agrees when we defect and start our own country we're going to be the best at being the best.

  • Jenness

    It's weird that Honduras is the number 1 murder rate but Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, etc. all have things like Lowest Petrol or Happiness - but they too are always battling for the highest murder rates in the world, and that includes places in war like Syria - so how can it be 'happiness'? Just - idk - seems rather BS to me.

  • Spook

    Mongolia has velociraptors??

  • Meh

    Hurray being best at; coffee drinkers.

  • stuffsticks

    Wow talk about an ego stoking pile of feces..

  • Saying Chad is known for "healthiest diets" is pretty fucked up considering they are one of the top 5 poorest countries and on the top of the world hunger index.

  • Marniejwall

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  • Acamori S.

    so... why are gay porn and pornstars considered 'gastronomy'?
    I mean, they might be delicious to eat I suppose.

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