Water-Filled Soccer Ball To The Face In Ultra Slow Motion

December 12, 2016


Seen here doing his best pucker-up buttercup, this is a video of Slow Mo Guy Dan Gruchy taking a water-filled soccer ball to the face in ultra slow motion after previously losing a a bet to fellow turtle Gavin Free over who could shoot the wick off a candle first. It looks painful. I don't want a soccer ball to the face in regular motion or slow motion, but, if I have to, I certainly don't want it filled with water. I want it filled with lead so it takes my head off like a cannonball, then I want you to feel bad about it for the rest of your life. The ol' postmortem long-con. You hear that? That's the sound of me laughing from heaven. "All I can hear is fire and people screaming." Haha, did I say heaven?

keep going for the video.

Thanks to n0nentity, who agrees they should do a bowling ball next.

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