Video Of A Tesla Predicting And Avoiding A Real-Life Highway Crash

December 28, 2016


This is a recent video from a Tesla Model S predicting and avoiding a highway accident. A relatively nasty one too, although thankfully nobody was seriously injured (despite an SUV rollover). The technology it used to detect the crash (Tesla's Forward Collision Warning System) is able to scan beyond just the car in front of you to see the cars in front of it. In this case, it noticed the car two cars ahead coming to a rapid stop. Brace for impact!

...this was likely a perfect example of Tesla's recently updated software that allows the car to basically see through the car directly in its path and monitor traffic multiple car-lengths in its path. This tech helps avoid accidents that would likely be almost unavoidable if a human driver was left to his or her own senses.

Man, Tesla's really bringing it. And what is everybody else doing? I'll tell you what they're doing -- falling behind the times. I bought a new car two years ago that still has roll-up windows. That's not innovation. If Elon Musk saw me driving he'd probably feel sorry for me. Plus wonder why I'm not wearing a shirt. SPOILER: No air conditioning either.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Barnaby, who agrees the best way to avoid accidents is to go to the bathroom every chance you get so your bladder doesn't get too full and weak from holding it all the time.

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