Video Demonstration Of An Octocopter Powerful Enough To Lift A Human Into The Skies

December 21, 2016


This is a video of Youtuber Casey Neistat, who partnered with Samsung to have an octocopter built that's powerful enough to lift him into the air. He then uses it to pull him around some ski slopes dressed as Santa and then take to the skies. It looks like fun. It also looks like a great way to cut the head off a bystander, because those copter blades are no joke. Could you not put a cage around them? I'm all for endangering my own life, but I prefer to let other people choose when they're going to die themselves. Unless we're talking about my sworn enemies, then it's my choice again. *heating sword in fire* Isn't that right, Terry?

Hit the jump for the video, complete with ODB soundtrack.

Thanks to becca b, who agrees powerful drones might actually be the new jetpacks.

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