Two Gibbons Freaking Out Over A Hedgehog (Possibly Sonic But Doubtful)

December 12, 2016


This is a video of two gibbons losing their shit over a hedgehog that's wandered up to their enclosure. Previously: two different gibbons freaking out over a rat. I guess gibbons don't like small mammals. Me? I love them and have always wanted a hamster. Their fat little cheeks are so cute. My mom says I can't have one though, you know why? "You're not responsible enough to take care of a pet." Correct. She won't even let me have a pet rock or plant, and I asked NICELY. "You threw a temper tantrum and tried to set the sofa on fire." And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for Scooby and the gang.

Hit the jump for the video while I rewatch it and try to determine if gibbons are real animals or super small people in costumes.

Thanks to Lud, who agrees gibbons are more human that most humans.

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