The Future: A Duvet Cover That Makes Itself

December 7, 2016


This is the Kickstarter for the $200 Smartduvet, a duvet that can make itself in the morning. How? Simple, it uses an electric under-the-bed air blower to inflate a lattice-shaped bladder you place inside the duvet cover, so that when it fills with air it forces itself flat. The whole thing syncs with a smartphone app so you can schedule what time you want it to make your bed, or you can initiate the bed-making app manually. Alternatively, MAKE THE BED YOURSELF WITH YOUR PERFECTLY GOOD ARMS. Jesus, it takes like five seconds and makes you feel good after you do it. Besides, it's not straightening the duvet cover that's the real time consumer, it's digging the crumpled sheets from the very bottom of the bed and straightening them out and replacing all the pillows that were knocked on the floor because your partner sleeps at night like they're drowning.

Keep going for a picture of the air bladder and their Kickstarter video.


Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees if you sleep on a bare mattress, your bed is always made.

  • Jenness

    Who even bothers to make beds except when company comes anyway? There are a lot of other things I'd rather have automatically fluff up and get straight and rigid (like they say in the video) than a bed cover and sheets.

  • Marcus

    Oh, I'd be way too scared of this happening:

  • Jenness

    I thought that was going to be a whole other type of video.

  • Perfectly rational fear.

  • Meh

    Now this is a product for me. Level 2 is one that does this and wash itself.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    Surely this would only work if your duvet was correctly positioned and oriented anyway? So why not just do it yourself? I mean obviously it looks awesome and scifi but apart from that...

  • TheQiwiMan

    Doesn't look all that comfortable to me.

  • I think without the air pressure, it would just be loose material. Seems like it would be fine to me with a comfortable duvet.

  • Draco Basileus

    I'd never be able to sleep, for fear that the thing was constantly trying to smother me to death.

  • da1nonlysage

    Same, although my fear stems from the thing getting hacked into and then strangling me.

    Serial killers will be going high-tech.

  • Marniejwall

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