Thanks, Internet!: Guy Tries To Guillotine A Spray Paint Can, Gets Hit In The Jewels

December 28, 2016


This is a video of some guy guillotining a spray paint can when the can decides if it's going to be headless, then this guy's gonna be ball-less and sets a collision course straight for his left nut. Thankfully for us, it arrives right on target. And just what the hell do this kid's neighbors think of what he's doing out there? "There goes Robby with his guillotine again." Because if I see any guillotines in my neighborhood I'm calling the police. Then the police will hang up on me because I've called far too many times (usually related to drive-thrus not getting my order correct), and I'll have no choice but to take matters into my own hands. And you know what happens when I take things into my own hands?! "Nothing gets done." Correct, I draw my blinds and pretend there isn't a kid trying to guillotine shit right across the street.

Keep going for the video of a can of PANTONE FO-2016 pretending it's a nut-seeking missile.

Thanks to CB, who's surprised it's even legal to own a guillotine like that if you're not the Addams Family.

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