Spider Spins "Stonehenge-Like Barrier" Around Egg Sac For Protection

December 28, 2016


This is a video documenting a bunch of an unknown species of spiderlings emerging from the egg sac their mother built and fortified with a "Stonehenge-like barrier wall:in the Peruvian rainforest. Personally, to me it looks more like a prison yard. The entomologists who documented the egg case were unable to find an adult around, and the hatchlings died when they tried to raise them in captivity because they weren't sure what they eat and why the hell did you try to raise them in captivity in the first place? They're spiders, they're ready to start wrecking shit as soon as they're born. They don't need to be potty trained or go to school or learn how to make change for a dollar, they just run around and eat smaller bugs and scare people from the get-go. It sounds like somebody needs to go back to entomology school, because I don't know anything about spiders but I at least know that. FULL DISCLOSURE: A wolf spider mother does carry her newly hatched babies on her back for a brief period, but that's the only species I'm aware of that does anything even remotely motherly because quality parenting in the spider world doesn't exist. When I was a kid? My parents would just put me under a laundry basket with a cinderblock on top instead of hiring a babysitter. They were very spider-like in that regard.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to agrees most baby spiders probably don't want their parents around because they're just going to try to eat you or tell you that you can't stay out late partying with your friends.

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