So Beautiful I Could Cry: A Cheeseburger Baked Inside A Slice Of Pizza

December 15, 2016


This is a video demonstration by J.P. of Hellthy Junk Food of how to bake a bacon cheeseburger inside a slice of pizza (previously: their gigantic fast food chicken nuggets). As far as taste sensations go, I imagine this is a 10/10. I'd eat two slices a day if I could but I can't because each slice is 2,000 calories and my doctor has me on a 1,600 calorie diet so I lose weight. *playing doctor with girlfriend* Don't you, doc? "Yes, and you've been a very, very bad patient." Tehehehehe, it's true, what are you gonna do to me? "Take your temperature." Oh boy. "Rectally." Yikes. "With this." *produces 4-foot dildo* Uh, I think I'm gonna need to get a second opinion first. *roommate jumps out of closet* "It must be done!" I hate this hospital so much.

Keep going for the video while I go to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients.

Thanks to hairless, who offered to make me one which I politely declined because I've seen him not wash his hands after going to the bathroom before.

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