Roommates Playing Ping-Pong Accidentally Play Super Mario Theme Song With Ball

December 6, 2016


This is a vintage video from 2009 of roommates Kal Fadem and Warren Strickle playing ping-pong on a f***ing door using a damn board for the net in an apartment with shit all over the floor when they accidentally play a few notes from the Super Mario Bros theme with the ball.

My roomate (Warren Strickler) and I (Kal Fadem) film every game of ping pong we play in our apartment. During one game we hit a series of shots that sounded like the beginning to theme song to the old Super Mario Brothers game. It was just too coincidental, so we checked the video, now you be the judge.

Wait -- so you guys are so into ping-pong that you film every game you play, but you don't even have a regulation table? What are you using for paddles, CDs taped to popsicle sticks? People are so weird. Now, who wants to come over and play pool? "With a broomstick and potatoes?" I'm working with what I've got here, okay?

Hit the jump for the video while I drill holes in my apartment floor for billiard pockets.

Thanks to JD, who agrees two dudes who film themselves every time they play ping-pong should definitely be better players than this.

  • Wiley

    My cock is smaller than a ping pong ball.

  • Dingo

    just press "3" while the video is playing. You're welcome.

  • rhartness

    Ugh... when the guy finally throws the ball back to the friend that mentions the tone, the sound of the ball bouncing off of the table and hitting the guy's hand is the first two notes to the second bar of the tune... now it's stuck in my head. I need the second bar to be completed this way! Noooooooo!!!

  • James Mcelroy

    consider my life changed.

  • TheQiwiMan

    And someone remixing this video with the mario music in 3..... 2....... 1.....

  • The_Wretched

    Skip to seconds 6,7,8 for the good stuff.

  • Fuuuck, I wish I'd read this first! I watched the WHOLE fucking thing!

  • Isaac King

    Thanks, you saved me.

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