Real Products That Exist: A Human Saddle For Giving Your Kids Pony Rides

December 7, 2016


Seen here experiencing the joy of fatherhood at maximum levels, a man uses a $31 Pony Up Daddy human saddle to give his daughter a pony ride. The saddle attaches around your torso via Velcro and provides the perfect seat for a child to smack you in the back of the head and bruise your ribs with their heels. Now call me old fashioned, but when I was a kid we didn't have Pony Up Daddies, we rode bareback. Of course that was before all these toy safety laws and concerned parent groups ruined everything. So my wooden rocking horse's head fell off mid-gallop and I cracked my skull open on the brick fireplace mantle, it happens. If anything it made me stronger. Except in the skull, because there is a piece missing now.

Keep going for a worthwhile commercial.

Thanks to Lindsay P, who agrees if you order now you should also get a riding crop and spurs.

  • TheDR

    "So, I got you a gig."
    "Is it TV?"
    "Well... online."
    "It's not another commercial is it?"

  • Wilf Smith

    Creepy and cheesy, well done product inventors !

  • Wiley

    It's no good for me, I prefer riding children.

  • Andrew Newton
  • Jenness

    That's all kinds of wrong.

  • Ollie Williams

    There is a 100% chance this will be used as a sex toy.

  • Andrew Newton
  • Doog
  • Geekologie

    everything is a circle

  • Marniejwall

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  • Doog

    Yeah right, more like Bull Riding Child, where Dad tries his best to buck the kids off and they have to hold on for dear life. Only the strong survive in this house hold, which is why I ran away from home at age 8.

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