Pizza Cutter That Looks Like A Record Turntable

December 15, 2016


Are you a record loving pizza lover? Maybe you're a DJ. Maybe you're DJ Pepperoni. Maybe I'm DJ Mushrooms and Black Olives, you never know. This is the $25 Top Spin Pizza Cutter created by Rocket Design. It cuts pizza and looks like a turntable. It cannot actually be used to play records. It can be used to play doctor but don't press too hard or you'll have to take your patient to a real doctor. Also, you take playing doctor way too seriously. You're seriously performing pretend surgery? If you're playing doctor and do anything besides stethoscope a tit and then start squeezing around whispering "And how does this feel?" in your patient's ear you need to go back to make-believe med school because you're playing completely wrong.

Keep going for one more shot.


Thanks to Jeremy, who cuts his pizza the old fashioned way: with a broadsword. Awesome, you just broke my table.

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