Nope: Cobra Hiding In Apartment Building's Water Pipes, Comes Up Through Toilets

December 2, 2016


There's a cobra living in the drainage pipes of an apartment building in Pretoria, South Africa, and, as you might imagine, residents aren't thrilled about it (previously: that poor bastard that got his wiener bit by a python that climbed up through his toilet in Thailand). Apparently professional snake wranglers were able to get a hold of the snake, but failed to capture it before it headed back down a toilet. Obviously, if you live in this building you'll want to only pee standing up, and, if you have to poop, your pants are the best option.

Keep going for a video of the failed attempt at capturing the snake while I contact Cobra Commander and tell him he needs to keep his minions in check.

Thanks to Alex V, who informed me he only pees in the shower. Valuable information, Alex.

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