Man On Acid Thinks He's A Tiger, Caught By Forest Phototraps Prowling Around Naked

December 6, 2016


21-year old Czechoslovakian man Marek H. took some LSD while in Poland to self-medicate for his depression, and boy did it work. He turned into a Siberian tiger and spent eight hours naked in the woods traveling over fifteen miles on all fours while following "the scent trail of his prey" that he'd picked up. Definitely hard to be depressed when you're a wild tiger.

Marek confessed to police that he had taken the hallucinatory drug LSD.

He said it started to work immediately and that he felt he had become a Siberian tiger.

Moreover, Marek told them that this was when his "true personality woke up".

But his antics were captured by the hidden cameras - which had been expected to pick up a different kind of 'wildlife'.

Police said that, because the man did not have any drugs with him, he was only fined and will not face any further charges.

Man, what a beautiful creature. And who knew LSD treated depression so effectively? I wish I was a tiger. I'd probably never be depressed if I was a tiger. I'm not though, so I get sad sometimes and I treat my depression the same way I treat everything else in my life: horribly. *depression rings doorbell* Oh go eat shit and die already, piss-ant.

Keep going for an even better shot.


Thanks to whoever sent me this, I lost your name and I'm sorry but I will cherish our time together forever, okay? Or maybe I just saw this on Facebook.

  • Rastislav Kollárik

    Czechoslovakian ? ..... maybe in 1989, don´t you want to fix it? just for yourself

  • Fred

    Are we absolutely sure he isn't a werewolf who had just transformed back into a human?

  • bednee

    There's no Czechoslovakia for almost 24 years now. As he's 21, he must have been born in either Czech Republic or Slovakia.

  • Olek

    I just wanted to say this. Author's ignorance about small European countries is unforgivable :p

  • Jenness

    I thought this story was going to end on a much more horrifying note and was waiting for him to stumble upon campers and eat their faces off.

    I'm so relieved that didn't happen - but in other news - remember when LSD just made you see colors more bright and trails behind your hands but you stayed clothed, didn't go totally batshit and your just ended up having a great time, bitching about the weird penny taste in your mouth and drinking a lot while writing poetry and wanting to have weird sex?

    Me either.

  • rafakoy

    I call it fake (staged) but still funny

  • Guesticle

    fined for what? people only saw him on game cameras right? does it even count as public nudity if there are no witnesses?

  • Guesticle

    at least he isn't stuck identifying as orangejuice.

    plenty of otherkin out there living reasonably normal lives

  • TheQiwiMan

    FIFTEEN MILES?? Wow. There's gotta be a way this dude can monetize that talent, I couldn't run on all 4's for even 1 mile.

  • The_Wretched

    Pretty impressive and he had a good time. We should start spiking bigmacs and start showing nature specials in the play grounds.

  • Meh

    And people say drugs are bad. Really this guy had a wicked workout.

  • GeneralDisorder

    NOFX was right... Drugs are good.

    Drugs are good
    They make you do things that you know you not should
    And when you do them people think that you're cool

  • Doog

    That's what I was thinking. 15 miles in 8 hour on all fours? Woulda been cool if he had a Fitbit or something on to see how many calories he burned.

    I've got an idea for a new TV show that's part Running Wild with Bear Grylls part Biggest Loser, and yes it involves LSD.

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