Man Installs Spyware On Phone, Intentionally Has It Stolen To Make This Short

December 19, 2016


This is a short (twenty minutes short) from Anthony Van Der Meer who installed spyware on his smartphone, then intentionally had it stolen so he could track it and make this film using remotely activated photos, videos and audio recordings from the phone, as well as all the thief's own photos and text messages and calls. I learned a lot by watching it. Mostly that 1. it's way harder to get your phone stolen when you want it to be and 2. if you're not careful you can come awfully close to falling in love with the man who stole your phone. In the end though he will smell like hash and break your heart.

Keep going for the video, it's interesting if you've got the time (it's the week before Christmas, who's really working?) or you can just skip around to get the gist of it.

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