Kitten Hugs Himalayan Salt Lamp For Extra Warmth

December 22, 2016


This is a short video of young kitten Selenite hugging a Himalayan salt lamp for extra warmth and spiritual powers. Himalayan salt lamps (the majority of which are made from salts mined from Poland or Iran then colored) are allegedly supposed to clean the air, provide numerous medical benefits, emit ions, release positive energy waves, and neutralize electromagnetic radiation, none of which have been proven. Still, they do produce a nice warm glow, don't they? We can all agree they do that. And what more can you really expect from a lamp? I've never asked a lamp to solve any of my problems before besides it's dark and I want to be able to see. The only kind of lamp you CAN ask to solve problems is magic and has a genie inside, and there's still no guarantee because that genie is 100% gonna try to f*ck you over as hard as he can.

Keep going for the video while I pet my dog and call her a cat to confuse her.

Thanks again to SoT, who still reads under the covers with a flashlight just like the good old days.

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