Just A Half Glass, Please: A Wine Glass That's Perfectly Cut In Half

December 12, 2016


This is the Happy Half Wine Glass designed and sold by The Fowndry (~$12). It's an actual 200ml glass (not plastic) that looks like a wine glass cut perfectly in half. How about that! Now when you invite a friend over and offer them some wine and they say they'll just have a half glass you can whip this bad boy out and let the laughter begin. The look on their face when they see it! Still, the debate rages on -- is the glass half full, or half empty? SPOILER: broken, and you're about to get stabbed with it. DON'T HIT ON MY GIRL.

Thanks to SC, who agrees the best glasses help people with bad vision see clearer.

  • Matt

    the stem and base ruin it. 1/10 would not bang

  • Rich Sampson

    Half a glass right.....who ask for that? https://wineadvisorweekly.c...

  • Except for the base, which is apparently mounted to the wine glass wrong.

    Seriously, they couldn't have put a counterweight in it?

  • Schmallie Marie

    See also; half beer glass:


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