Japanese Man's Insane Coin-Stacking Skills

December 7, 2016


Because everybody needs a hobby (I count the kernels in my popcorn ceiling) and collecting coins is just too boring for some people, these are a bunch of the gravity-defying coin stacks constructed by Japanese Twitter user @thumb_tani. Is balance a superpower? The things this guy does are next level. Especially the ones with the spoons and wine glasses and egg. Now, not to steal any of this guy's thunder or anything, but I once stacked two nickels and a dime before I ran out of money.

Keep going for a bunch more examples and a video of him making a stack.












Thanks to Lydia, who only stacks gold bars because she's filthy rich and hopefully looking for a reliable man servant to pay handsomely.

  • The_Wretched

    Very interesting. In other, completely unrelated, news, Japan is having a problem getting people to reproduce and they have a falling population.

  • Gryzor


  • Meh

    Truly wtf.

  • James Aames

    I'm not entirely sure, but I think his amazing ability is called glue...

  • Watch the video (1:14). He uses coins with holes in them for certain areas, but even then, it's not easy to balance everything.

  • Mr.Tudball

    Not saying that this isn't fully legit, but my inner skeptic wonders if construction could be aided by placing a magnet under the table.

  • A magnet to do what? You'd need a strong magnet to affect the coins through the table, and even then, it would either:

    1. Be strong enough to hold down the bottom coins, something that's already done by weight, and really has nothing to do with how the other coins are balanced.

    2. Be too strong, and affect all the coins, toppling the balance.

  • Bad Habit

    You obviously never played with magnetic sculpture beads.

  • I have. Are you implying the coins are fake?

  • Bad Habit

    No. I am Blatantly stating that a magnet could very easily do what you are apparently saying it can't do in your #2 statement.

  • Bad example. Demonstrate multiple metal items balancing with one magnet.

  • Bad Habit

    How is that a bad example as that is EXACTLY what I am implying is being done.... multiple metal items (coins) being balanced with the use of a magnet.

    Is English not your native language, because I know I am not stuttering.
    What part of this concept are you not grasping?

  • I get the concept, but the example is bad because:

    1. Not all coins are affected by magnets.
    2. In some examples, he's using non-metal objects like plastic and glass.
    3. There's none of the snapping or resistance like when a magnet is being used. Noticeably absent when the coins fall. It's a stretch to say that he's using a magnet strong enough to keep the coins together (through the table) while also not noticeably affecting them in any way. And in some examples, the coins are so high, they'd need a strong magnet to affect all of them, but are also built in a way that a strong magnet would be a nuisance while building them. Unless you're going to say that he's using glue for those, but that just complicates things further.

    The simplest explanation is that he's just good at balancing things. Many people are. Like dominoes. It's more sensible to me to assume he's good at balancing things and has probably spent a lot of time doing it, than to assume he's faking it for a talent that's only slightly impressive but not very remarkable.

  • Bad Habit

    1.Then you'd make sure to use coins containing steel (like all of the coins shown above that do have steel components).
    2. Plastic and glass do not interfere with magnetic lines of force so they would *still* act upon the metal coins even with spacers in place.
    3. You mean when they fall like after the magnet had been removed from under the stack?

    I'm not saying that what is portrayed is impossible, I'm just asserting that cheating it would not only be incredibly simple, but also the most likely explanation for most any "Look How Great I Am" video posted to the web.

    The "simplest explanation" you said..... well, cheating is certainly simpler than spending years, nay, decades perfecting such a useless skill.

  • TheQiwiMan
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  • Guesticle

    much better than that other one using coins with flat edges

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