It Smells Greasy In Here: KFC Original Recipe Flavored Candles

December 7, 2016


Because smell-eating is the new zero calorie diet, this is the KFC Original Recipe flavored candle created as a part of a social media giveaway by KFC New Zealand. That means you can't buy them, you had to win one by suggesting other wacky KFC products you'd be interested in. Ooh, ooh -- I know. I want a KFC sandwich that tastes like Chick-Fil-A.

In order to win one of the candles, KFC asked followers to suggest other ideas for KFC merchandise, giving a possible sneak peek into the future of KFC-branded personal care and décor -- memorable ideas include fried chicken lip balm, deodorant, and bath bombs, for those who want the immersive KFC experience.

You know what I really want? A bed sheet set that smells like fried chicken and -- AND -- feels greasy like fried chicken. Oh man, and maybe a comforter and pillows filled with mashed potatoes and gravy. Imagine having sex between those sheets. Do you feel sick yet? Maybe a little pukey? Because that was my goal.

Thanks to Jody, who agrees the best candles are the aromatherapy ones you light around the bathtub when you just need a night to relax alone with a glass of wine and the rest of that bottle plus another one.

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