History In The Making: Some Of The Original Design Documents For The Legend Of Zelda

December 28, 2016


These are a handful of the original design documents used to create the overworld and dungeons of The Legend Of Zelda. Tell me -- do you think they knew were creating one of the best games of all time when the were doing it? You think they knew they had a hit on their hands, or were afraid nobody would get it? I often wonder the same thing when I'm creating my art before stepping back for a moment and realizing, yes, this is in fact a giant piece of shit and throwing it all away and giving up.

Keep going for several more examples (the last two are animated GIFS), and a short video.






Thanks to my dad, for buying me the game in the first place and opening my eyes to a whole new world of fun and exploration. Plus asking my friends at school how to beat the Dodongo at the end of the second dungeon (I wasn't always a mighty gamer).

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