Guy Takes The Most Painful Insect Sting Known To Man

December 20, 2016


This is a video of Coyote Peterson (real name Jackelope Johnson) enduring a bullet ant sting, the most painful insect sting known to man (the bullet ant is named so because its sting has been likened to the pain of being shot). He doesn't handle it well. I'm not sure if he's playing it up for the camera or if it really is that awful, but I guarantee I could have handled it better. Physical pain is nothing to me. I've been shot, stabbed, hammered and lasered, and that's all nothing. The real pain in life is emotional in nature. Now I'm not saying Coyote is a weakling, but clearly this man has never had his heart broken by the mermaid of his dreams before. Arista, if you're reading this: pick up your conch shell and call me, please.

Hit the jump for the video (but skip to 13:00 for the good stuff -- yes, THIRTEEN MINUTES) while I fill my bathtub with salt in the event Arista actually does call and want to come over (I've seen Splash before).

Thanks to BinkleBottum, who agrees Coyote should have taken all these stings to the neck like somebody who really means business.

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