Great, You Got Them Wet: Gremlin Tiki Mugs

December 8, 2016


These are the limited edition Gremlin tiki mugs being released by Mondo as part of their Tee-Kis line of drinkware (UPDATE: already sold out). They're also working on an Alien mug, as well as The Iron Giant (concept pictures below). Those gremlin designs really work well as tiki mugs though, and I should know because I'm a tiki bar enthusiast and mug collector. Fine, I've been to one tiki bar and have one mug. Whatever, every journey begins with a single step. Hopefully onto a spaceship.

Keep going for shots from all around.









Thanks to MAHO, who agrees no tiki drink is complete without a little umbrella and krazy straw.

  • Awe man... you can't release concept art and prototype photos and then on your site call them "sold out". Weak form.

  • bananashaped

    the gremlins are sold out but the alien and iron giant ones are still in development. i somehow managed to get a microwave melt version.

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