Girl Cursing At Her Dad About Missing Apple Genius Bar Appointment

December 20, 2016


This is a video of a real salt of the earth teenager with questionable Kylie Jenner hair (I'm super hip on pop culture) yelling and cursing at her grandpa (that's what the video says but I think it's just her father) about missing her iPhone repair appointment at the Apple store while they're waiting in line for something else (food? a turn in a massage chair at Brookstone?). Eventually her dad agrees to take her phone and runs to try to make the appointment for her while she stomps her feet and drops a truckload of f-bombs. If I were her father? I would have smashed that phone right at her feet and left her at the mall with no ride and twenty cents less than it costs to buy an Orange Julius. Then asked for a time machine for Christmas and gone back to the night she was conceived and told my wife I have diarrhea and I'm not in the mood.

Keep going for the video and get angry.

Thanks to rimspin, who agrees somebody doesn't even deserve a pager.

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