Finally, Something Useful: Lemmings On A MacBook Pro's Touch Bar

December 12, 2016


When Apple announced the new Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro I thought the same thing everyone else did: that is way too small for p0rn. But now coder Erik Olsson has finally found a practical use for the thing: displaying Lemmings. You can get the sourcecode HERE if you're interested. I feel like this almost justifies buying a new MacBook. And by almost I mean I just bought 40 of them. *reviewing Amazon order* No, wait, it looks like I just bought a 2017 Sleepy Cats wall calendar. I'm fine with that, that's cool.

Keep going for a short video of all the fun to be had.

Thanks to BLiNNeMaNS, who's actually friends with Erik, easily solidifying his win over me in the number of friends department.

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