Finally, A Travel Pillow With Built-In Hoodie

December 6, 2016


This is the Travel Hoodie Pillow, a $20 inflatable travel pillow with a hoodie attached. Just the hood though, not the rest of a traditional hoodie (previously: a full hoodie with an inflatable pillow in the hood). It's perfect for people who don't mind looking ridiculous while they travel, which, based on what I've seen during my recent trips, is virtually everybody. Apparently pajamas are all the rage at airports these days. Me? I like to dress up to travel. That way if I die at least I didn't die wearing pajamas. If I die wearing pajamas it better be because I suffered a heart attack while having sex (sorry honey), which doesn't even make sense because you can't have sex with your pajamas on. That's called dry humping, and I definitely don't want to die dry humping.

Keep going for a couple more shots of the possibilities.



Thanks to lizzy, who agrees the best way to sleep while traveling is to stay up the entire night before then slamming as many cocktails as you can right before your flight.

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