Finally, A Bed Tent For Extra Privacy And Darkness

December 19, 2016


This is the Bed Tent from Privacy Pop. It's a tent for beds to add extra light-blocking capabilities as well as privacy (the sides zip down for total enclosure). They come in sizes for all beds between twin and king and range in price from $130 - $200. That's not bad. They're the perfect gift for a friend with anxiety or a dormmate that masturbates constantly. Alternatively, just pitch a regular tent on top of your bed. That's what my brother and I do when we play Louis and Clark: Pioneer Explorers. Plus we cook beans over a fire in a wastebasket until the smoke detector goes off. Then we take the batteries out of the smoke detector so mom and dad don't wake up and put an end to our adventure. West coast or bust!

Keep going for a couple more shots.





Thanks to Bill, who's going to put a twin inside a queen inside a king to know what it feels like to be a Russian nesting doll.

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