Experimenting: How Different Cut Fruits React Under UV Light

December 1, 2016


This is a video of ten different fruits being cut under UV light to see how they react. Some react better than others, leading at least one blogger to speculate just how radioactive pineapples are. "It has nothing to do with radioactivity." You can't prove that.

For this UV video, the subject is illuminated directly by UV emitting lamps . UV filter is placed on the lens, which allows ultraviolet light to pass and which absorbs or blocks all visible and infrared light. UV filters are made from special colored glass and may be coated or sandwiched with other filter glass to aid in blocking unwanted wavelengths.

Wait, so will this work with the regular blacklight tubes I have from college? Because I'm thinking a blacklight party food fight could be just the thing I need to reestablish myself as the party king. "You were never the party king." Oh really?! Then what does my hat say? "I'd rather be fishing." It's true though, it's so relaxing.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Dougie, who prefers to cut his fruit under tanning bed lamps because he's trying to melt his eyeballs out. Um, you do know we don't have that Geordi La Forge technology yet, right?

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