Epcot Turns Epcot Ball Into Death Star To Celebrate Release Of Rogue One

December 6, 2016


To celebrate the upcoming release of Rogue One, Disney's Epcot park in Florida turned its iconic metallic globe (Spaceship Earth) into the Death Star. The triangular surface structure of the building doesn't really work that well for being a Death Star, but whatever. I guess where else were they going to find a ball that's big enough to project a Death Star onto without asking yours truly? "You're saying you have gigantic balls." Only if you find that desirable.

Keep going for a video of the unveiling.

Thanks to carey, who's celebrating the release of Rogue One the old fashioned way: with popcorn and a Coke. Me? I'm doing nachos and a hot dog and fruit punch and, God willing, Dippin' Dots.

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