Colin Furze Built An 18-Foot Star Wars AT-ACT Playhouse In His Backyard

December 9, 2016


This is a video of the 18-foot tall AT-ACT (the C stands for cargo) that Colin Furze built in his backyard for his kids (yes, even mad scientists find mates). Everything was built to scale using an AT-ACT toy for reference and the playhouse includes a retractable, electric-powered staircase to enter, as well as an interior decked out with Star Wars toys and memorabilia. Must be nice. I mean, unless you're one of Colin's neighbors, then it must suck to have him constantly banging around and causing a racket next door. Honestly, I WISH I lived next door to a mad scientist. Preferably one who just built a time machine and needs somebody to test it. Send me back to the day I pooped my pants in high school gym, I want to remind myself not to do the sit-up challenge. "You mean the day Ashley, the girl you had a crush on, was holding your feet?" I still talk about it in my sleep, don't I?

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video tour of the AT-ACT, as well as a video of its construction.




Thanks to carey and Alan, who agree the best houses are treehouses and playhouses.

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