Clever: Kid Pulls Loose Tooth Out With Hot Wheels Motorized Booster Track

December 14, 2016


This is a short video of a little boy using a Hot Wheels car on a track with motorized boosters to yank a loose tooth out. It seems to have worked well. You know this very loosely reminds me of the time I chipped one of my wisdom teeth out with a butter knife when I was in college. I thought there was something stuck to it so I just started pounding away with the knife the way you would chisel a piece of granite until my girlfriend started yelling about "all the blood everywhere" and "the hole in your cheek." So in hindsight maybe I shouldn't have done that. Or -- OR -- maybe I should have used a spoon instead. I called my dentist to get his opinion but I don't think he could hear me with all the napkins in my mouth.

Keep going for two versions of the video in case the first one doesn't work in your country.

Thanks to FShawnF, who heard the Tooth Fairy frowns on pulling teeth out prematurely and encourages kids to wait till they fall out naturally that way they hopefully won't find them and the Tooth Fairy saves money.

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