BMW Remotely Locks Thief Inside Car Till Police Arrive

December 5, 2016


Picture unrelated.

A 38-year old car thief in Seattle was recently apprehended after the car's owner notified BMW of the stolen vehicle, and they were able to track its location and remotely lock the thief inside. Thankfully, it was not a hot day and the thief was not a baby.

"A car thief awoke from a sound slumber Sunday morning (Nov. 27) to find he had been remotely locked inside a stolen BMW, just as Seattle police officers were bearing down on him," Spangenthal-Lee wrote. The suspect found a key fob mistakenly left inside the BMW by a friend who'd borrowed the car from the owner and the alleged crime was on.

But technology triumphed. When the owner, who'd just gotten married a day earlier, discovered the theft, the police contacted BMW corporate, who tracked the car to Seattle's Ravenna neighborhood. The car was parked, still running, with the snoozing suspect fast asleep behind the wheel.

First of all, is it really stealing if the key fob was left inside the vehicle? Because that sounds like borrowing. It's like a community car for anybody who wants to use it. Secondly, being an adult and getting locked inside a vehicle is pathetic. If there's a window, there's a way -- at least that's my I'm not going back to jail motto.

Thanks to Thaylor H, who agrees a car thief that falls asleep in the car they just stole isn't a very good car thief.

  • Nico Horst

    I'm more concerned that they can lock the car without the drivers knowledge, they could also use the electric stearing to navigate the car over a cliff...

  • GeneralDisorder

    There's been a few examples where hacks have been deployed to these anti-theft features that allow for remote control of a vehicle. It's pretty disturbing. As cool as all the anti-theft capabilites are I'd much rather have an older car that is incapable of actively deciding to kill me rather than like $10,000 worth of bluetooth features and globally accessible location and disabling of a car.

    I'm thinking I want to build my own daily driver. I was thinking open top electric roadster. It won't have GPS. It won't have airbags, doors, really anything that can be hacked or exploited to send spam or DDoS attacks.

  • Meh

    It asks for abuse.

  • D3Fd0ck

    Locked inside a car? Napping? Dude probbably had no idea he was locked in the car untill the police showed up and woke him.

    And people wonder why "glass breakers" and "belt cutters" are being put on alot of everyday carry items.... my phonecase has a glass breaker...

  • Deksam

    Most headrests have pointed metal bar necks that were made for breaking the side glass if pulled out of the seat.

  • Jenness

    That's very useful to know - I didn't realize that.

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