Beautiful Timelapse Of M&M's Dissolving In Water

December 16, 2016


This is a beautiful 4K timelapse video created by the folks at Beaty Of Science of M&M's dissolving in water. Who knew watching candy dissolve in water could be so mesmerizing? They kind of look like stars exploding or flowers blooming. They also look like a waste of perfectly good M&M's. Licking the color off is my favorite part. Last Christmas I licked the color off a whole bowl of M&M's then when family came over I told them they were white holiday M&M's and tried not to laugh while they ate them by the handful. "Excuse me, you did what?!" Oh nothing, mom.

Keep going for the video in both Youtube and Vimeo formats so you've got options.

Thanks to Dan The Man, the only person to finish one of those giant jawbreakers without cheating or irreparably destroying the roof of his mouth.

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