A Giant Gingerbread Death Star

December 20, 2016


This is the gingerbread Death Star spotted in what appears to be a hotel lobby by Redditor TheyWillKnowMeByTheTrailOfDead (My my! They Will Know Me By My Smell and me yelling "HELP, CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME?"). That's quite the centerpiece. I remember when I was a kid we would make gingerbread man cookies to hang on the tree as ornaments, then on Christmas Eve my little cousin would come over and eat them right off the tree like some crazy little monster. By that time they were so stale I'm surprised he never chipped a tooth. He also drank the tree water so I'm pretty sure he was feral.

Thanks again to blue10, who agrees that Death Star needs way more gingerbread X-wings dangling from above.

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