A Bowler Hat That Doubles As A Colander

December 29, 2016


This is the Bowler Hat Colander. You can buy one on Amazon HERE for $10. For reference, I recently paid $6 for a plain plastic colander at Bed Bath & Beyond and it doesn't even block alien mind-control signals like an aluminum-foil covered metal one would. So, it this a bowler hat that doubles as a colander, or a colander that doubles as a bowler hat? Or is it just a great way to make angel hair pasta without the angel? Personally, I don't mind hair in my food, but that's just me and I'm what my friends and family like to refer to as "a disgusting monster." Whatever, I just don't like the idea of wasting food just because it has a hair in it. You know what the worst thing that can happen if you eat somebody else's hair in your food? "You could die." No, you can't die, but you can get pregnant. I'm joking, nothing can happen, and if you don't believe me bet me $1.25 and I'll scoop a handful of hair off a barbershop floor and swallow it. "Why $1.25?" Because I will require a grape soda afterwards.

Thanks to Dunc, who agrees the only hair that shouldn't be eaten is grown below the bellybutton and above however low balls hangs.

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