65-Foot Floating Robotic Arm Only Weights 2.5-Pounds

December 28, 2016


This is the Giacometti Robotic Arm designed and built by researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology's Suzumori Endo Lab. The surprisingly precise arm stretches 65-feet, has a small camera attached at the end, and can be controlled using the ultra-lightweight artificial muscles connecting each segment. It weighs 2.5-pounds. For reference, that's about one of my balls (I weighed them on the scale at the gym in between sets). Researchers believe the robotic arm could be useful in some search and rescue applications, provided those applications don't involve fire or sharp objects that could pop the arm. Also, I like how all the researchers in the video are wearing hardhats while working with a 2.5-pound robotic arm. That's some solid safety-first. If I'm working with a 2.5-pound robotic arm you better believe I'm going hardhat-less, and I might even take my shirt and pants off. "Don't forget, GW, it is still a robot." Full Iron Man armor it is, call Superman for backup.

Hit the jump for a video demo of the arm's capabilities.

Thanks to Matty, who agrees they should sell smaller versions of these things to play Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots with except instead it'll be called Poke 'Em Choke 'Em robots and the object is to wrap around and choke and pop your opponent like a boa constrictor. Funs!

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