6-Year Old Uses Sleeping Mom's Fingerprint To Go On Amazon Shopping Spree

December 29, 2016


In you're grounded for life news, 6-year old clever girl Ashlynd Howell used her sleeping mom Bethany's fingerprint to unlock her iPhone and go on an Amazon shopping spree, where she bought thirteen different Pokemon toys valued at a total of $250. Obviously, this girl will be committing widespread credit card fraud before her 7th birthday. *wiping tear* They just grow up so fast.

'We thought someone had hacked our account,' [Bethany] told Daily Mail Online.

When she noticed that all of the gifts were addressed to her home, it dawned on her that her clever daughter may be responsible.

'Ashlynd must've had my phone and ordered things,' she said.

'I asked her if she was on my phone looking at Pokemon.'

'Yeah, mommy, I was shopping,' Ashlynd told her mother.

'Oh, you were?' Bethany said to her daughter.

She later learned that Ashlynd was able to fill in all the details of the order, including shipping address, because of the 'auto-fill' feature that makes purchases easier and quicker for frequent shoppers.

Bethany was only able to return four of the thirteen toys due to the sellers' return policies, and told her daughter she wouldn't be receiving those because Santa found out how she has ordered them. Wait -- but she was allowed the keep the rest? If that was my daughter this would have been the Christmas she found out Santa wasn't real. And not in a sweet, 'Listen, honey -- about Santa Claus...' way either, but by me screaming, 'He's not real, he's never coming again, you've ruined Christmas forever!' I know I've been accused of it before, but it's true, I'm a soft parent.

Thanks to lizzy, who agrees little Ashlynd could have at least ordered me that 65" curved ultra-HD television I've been eyeing.

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