100 Metronomes On A Floating Table All Synchronizing Themselves Over Time

December 28, 2016


This is mind-numbing six minute video of 100 metronomes all started at different times on a floating table slowly synchronizing themselves. The sound is absolutely terrible and almost drove me to murder. Thankfully it appears I'm the only one in the office this week, so it was either stabbing myself or nobody at all and my self preservation kicked in right when I was rummaging through my desk for a pair of scissors.

It is known that when multiple metronomes are placed on a moving table and the metronome is moved, all the metronomes eventually synchronize and carve the sound at the same timing. In the Ikeguchi laboratory, we created an experimental apparatus that will allow the platform to move by hanging a platform that carries the metronome from the left and right, and conducted a synchronous experiment. In this movie, 100 metronomes tick the sound at the same timing.

Fascinating. Although there are several metronomes that don't seem to ever fully sync with the rest. Specifically the third one back in the middle orange row. That metronome marches to the beat of its own drum. Or maybe it's deaf. Whatever the case, if you ever find yourself with 100 metronomes, a floating table, and the most boring afternoon of your entire life, boy have I got just the experiment for you.

Keep going for two videos from different angles.

Thanks to n0nentity, who wants to see if a bunch of those drinking bird toys can do the same.

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