You've Gone Too Far: Pizza Flavored Lollipops

November 14, 2016


Because pizza is a way of life for some people, these are the pizza flavored lollipops available from Lolliphyle. You can get a four pack for $8. But what KIND of pizza do they taste like? Just cheese? Cheese and pepperoni? My mom likes anchovies on her pizza but I don't. What's your favorite kind of pizza? I like cheese and mushroom. What's your favorite kind of lollipop? I like the ones shaped like penises that you get at bachelorette parties. One time I was at a bar and a bachelorette party came in and were working on this list of things the bride-to-be had to do and one of them was take a body shot off the chest of a guy at the bar and they asked me but when the shot came and I lifted my shirt a couple of them puked because a half of a piece of pizza fell out from between my rolls. So...yeah. *waits for 'Brought This Article Full Circle' achievement to pop*

Thanks to Ashley I, who informed me they're having a pizza party at work this Friday but failed to mention she got me a temp job for the day.

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