You Can Now Buy Ceramics Glazed With The Ashes Of A Loved One

November 3, 2016


Chronicle is a company that will make a custom colored glaze incorporating the ashes of a deceased loved one, and then use that glaze to coat different ceramic objects before firing them in the kiln. Then you get a candle holder or coffee mug or bowl made with the ashes of a loved one. That way whenever you're angry and looking to smash something you'll see that bowl and think, no, I shouldn't break that, that's grandma. The ash glaze costs $400, and makes enough to coat 25 different objects, which range in price from $200 to $650. That's expensive. Alternative, you can just have them send you the glaze and you can glaze your own objects, like the Thanksgiving turkey. It's what grandma would have wanted. *checking wallet* Damn, how much for a bottle of nail polish instead?

Keep going for a couple shots of the ceramics available.





Thanks to lizzy, who agrees the ashes of deceased loved ones should be eaten slowly over the course of several months to a year to increase your own longevity.

  • David Bass

    This give me an idea of glazing ashes with crystal methamphetamine. oil base of course, but seriously smoking ashes of my dead daddy glazed with crystal methamphetamine could be phat dope.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Questions... How could you ever know with any degree of certainty that the glaze was your loved one?

    Also Why the hell is it blue?

    And finally... What the holy fuck is wrong with people?

  • TheQiwiMan

    Dis is creepy AF fam.

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