You Can Now Buy Ceramics Glazed With The Ashes Of A Loved One

November 3, 2016


Chronicle is a company that will make a custom colored glaze incorporating the ashes of a deceased loved one, and then use that glaze to coat different ceramic objects before firing them in the kiln. Then you get a candle holder or coffee mug or bowl made with the ashes of a loved one. That way whenever you're angry and looking to smash something you'll see that bowl and think, no, I shouldn't break that, that's grandma. The ash glaze costs $400, and makes enough to coat 25 different objects, which range in price from $200 to $650. That's expensive. Alternative, you can just have them send you the glaze and you can glaze your own objects, like the Thanksgiving turkey. It's what grandma would have wanted. *checking wallet* Damn, how much for a bottle of nail polish instead?

Keep going for a couple shots of the ceramics available.





Thanks to lizzy, who agrees the ashes of deceased loved ones should be eaten slowly over the course of several months to a year to increase your own longevity.

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