Yes Please: Nintendo Creates A Zelda Themed Escape Room

November 22, 2016


Because Christmas came early this year, Nintendo has just announced a U.S. tour of Defenders Of The Triforce, a Legend Of Zelda themed escape room they created in collaboration with respected escape room designer SCRAP. Teams work in groups of six using classic Zelda items to solve puzzles and progress from room to room. Pfft *bombs hole in dungeon wall* Piece of cake.

Starting in San Francisco on January 31st, Nintendo's first ever live-action game will also be making its way to Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago and New York.

Like other real-escape experiences, Defenders of the Triforce will see parties of six working together to solve puzzles, only this time they'll also be attempting to save the world from long time Zelda villain, Ganondorf.

Tickets start at $38/person but have sold out for all the dates that already went on sale because clearly nobody has any respect for one boy's lifelong dream of participating in a Zelda themed escape room. Or maybe somebody bought me a ticket. Did somebody buy me a ticket? "No." Awesome, I'll pretend the whole planet is my escape room and I have to get off it.

Keep going for a short video.

Thanks to Alex, n0nentity and Sam, for not sending this to me soon enough. Way to go, guys.

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