Woman Leaves Faceprint Of Makeup Covered Face On Seat After Minor Car Accident

November 30, 2016


This is a shot of the faceprint that Twitter user hellocojo left on the headrest of the front seat after a recent minor car accident. Wait -- was she wearing teeth makeup? Maybe that's just a reflection. Or maybe I just invented teeth makeup. Hello, L'Oréal? Let's talk numbers.

'I'm mad as hell lmao. All this Becca and Makeup Forever just wasted,' she responded, but she had no problem looking at the bright side.

'I'm just glad that's the worst of it,' she noted.

She went on to joke that her 'setting spray ain't stand a chance [sic].'

Man, there is so much I have to learn about makeup. It's just so intimidating, you know? Like I've been to the store with girlfriends before and it seems like even they don't know what they're doing. We come looking for one thing and leave with three others, two of which we have to return later because they're the wrong shade. You know what I'm talking about.

Keep going for a shot of the damage to the car and a closeup of the faceprint.



Thanks to my buddy Rev Dr Dom, who can deliver a sermon, deliver a baby, and deliver face-melting guitar%2

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