Wild Giraffe Has Surivived Five Years With Zig-Zag Neck After Breaking It Fighting Over A Mate

November 15, 2016


These are a handful of shots of a wild Masai giraffe in Tanzania that had its neck broken five years ago while fighting over a mate (male giraffes have brutal neck-whacking battles). Amazingly, it's managed to survive all this time with a zig-zag neck. Thankfully for him, the other giraffes treat him regularly, and there are still plenty of low-hanging leaves for him to eat. No word if he's been able to mate since the incident, but in my mind there's got to be a female giraffe out there who was never into long, straight necks to begin with. Sometimes being really different is good, you know? "There's something wrong with your penis, isn't there?" It's like a perfect horseshoe.

Keep going for several more shots.





Thanks to Alyssa, who agrees it's only a matter of time until giraffes are getting cosmetic surgery because zig-zag necks are all the rage.

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