Wearable Star Wars Character Sleeping Bags

November 23, 2016


Perfect for camping outside the theater the night before Rogue One's release (people still do that, right?) these are the $109 wearable Star Wars character sleeping bags available from Selk'Bag (also available in children's sizes, $89). They come in Chewbacca, Buzz Lightyear, Radiation Suit and Darth Vader varieties and are rated to 40°F. Me? I'm rated at 98.6°F. "What does that even mean?" No clue, I just repeat whatever my doctor tells me. You're gonna die if you don't-- "Don't what?" I don't know, I couldn't hear him over the sound of me chewing all the pills I found in an unlocked cabinet.

Thanks to Dougie, who plans to live in one of these until it disintegrates or catches fire, whichever comes first.

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