Ultra Impressive Zelda Themed Domino Maze

November 9, 2016


These are the Zelda Wind Waker themed domino mazes set up and knocked down by Youtuber TheDominoKing. Each segment was set up individually and then edited to appear as one long maze totaling over 78,000 dominoes. I thought it was pretty impressive, especially the picture segments like the one above. I'm almost tempted to study the people that make these kinds of domino mazes. It takes a special kind of person to be into this, you know? Like people who build ships in bottles. Me? I collect dead bugs. Not like the fancy ones you see mounted at museums or anything, just whatever I find around the house. Mostly roaches and flies. Check out this display. "It looks like you just poured them all in a mason jar." That's exactly what I did. You can take the lid off and smell if you want to.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to carey, whose record for dominos successfully set up before accidentally knocking them over is in the double digits. Impressive!

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