Two Moose Bulls Frozen In Lake Locked In Combat

November 22, 2016


These are several shots of two moose bulls that appear to have gotten their antlers entangled while doing battle over a mate and wound up drowning and freezing solid in a lake near Unalakleet, Alaska. For reference, that is not on my bucket list. No word how the lady they were trying to impress is handling the loss of her would-be lovers, but my guess is just fine. There are plenty of other moose in the woods.

Bill Samuel, a moose expert at the University of Alberta in Canada, told National Geographic that while he has never seen anything like it, the enormous strength of moose bulls, combined with the irregular shapes of their antlers, can result in vice-like entanglements.

See -- this is exactly why you can't go doing battle somewhere all willy-nilly. Picking the proper location for a fight is paramount. These guys were all, screw it, let's do battle like we're having a chicken fight at a pool party, and look how it turned out for them: the worst. Nobody had sex with anybody. "Speak for yourself." Hoho -- Bullwinkle, ladies and gentleman! Always there to move in on your lady after you die.

Keep going for two more shots.



Thanks to Eric L, who taught me the more times you type moose bulls the more it looks like moose balls.

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