Touching: WW II Vet Uses Virtual Reality To Revisit The French Town He Helped Liberate

November 9, 2016


In honor of Remembrance Day, this is a video of 91-year old World War II vet Frank Mouqué using a virtual reality headset to revisit Armentières, a small town in northern France he helped liberate in 1944. The current mayor even gives him a medal for his service and a group of schoolchildren sing him 'The Mademoiselle From Armentières'. It was all very, very touching and a solemn reminder that World War III is gonna suck.

Hit the jump for the video, it really is worth a watch.

Thanks to n0nentity, who wants to use virtual reality to visit the moon and live there forever.

  • TheQiwiMan

    It's sad that the world only rewards the doctors working at the bottom of the cliff and never the guys building the fence at the top of it.


  • evilares

    What kind of metal did he get?

  • Geekologie


  • evilares

    Whoop. whoop.

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