Time-Lapse Of Japan Fixing A Five-Lane, 50-Foot Deep Sinkhole In A Week

November 17, 2016


This is a timelapse video from Japan of work crews repairing a 100-foot wide, 50-foot deep sinkhole in the middle of a road over the course of a week. The sinkhole was caused by the digging of a new subway tunnel some 80 feet below the surface. A week, wow, that's impressive. Of course this is Japan we're talking about so I can't say I'm surprised. If this had happened here in L.A. there's no way that would been repaired so quickly. There wouldn't even be orange cones up yet, cars would just be driving into the hole.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to James C, who tried to tell me sinkholes are actually earth's feeble attempts to implode on itself. I believe that.

  • Sandy Dmyterko

    I wish our construction workers worked that fast. It takes all summer for them to repair a road and you rarely see them working during that summer.

  • Meh

    I read about this, and I'm always intrigued how such sink holes can just show up. Even more mysterious to me is how many hollows does our earth's crust have? What treasures are left to discover..

  • whacko

    The article explains that the sinkhole was caused when they were excavating a new subway tunnel... it isn't a natural hollow in the earth.

  • warpigs330

    They are caused by subsurface water erosion. This one specifically was thought to be caused by nearby construction that rerouted some water. Essentially water flows below the surface pulling away dirt and inundating the earth with water, making it weaker. Eventually there is too much weight on a compromised foundation causing it to cave in. That is why at the bottom of almost all sink holes you will see running water.

  • Andyman7714

    I'm mean come on now, with all that crap Godzilla wrecks they've got to be pretty good at fixing stuff.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Don't forget all the tentacle monsters running around.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I know that Godzilla changes size from movie to movie but that other thing must be the size of cthulu.

  • 120 metres, apparently.

  • Geekologie

    valid point

  • frankie.lamoreaux


  • frankie.lamoreaux


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