The UK Unveils Its New "High Tech" 12-Sided £1 Coin

November 2, 2016


This is the United Kingdom's new "high tech" £1 coin, designed to prevent counterfeiting (it's estimated 1 in 30 of the £1 coins currently in circulation are counterfeit). It has twelve sides (milled and stamped on alternate edges), micro-lettering on the borders of both sides ('ONE POUND' on the front and the year of minting on the back), a latent image on the front that shows '£' and '1' when viewed from different angles, and, the real kicker, "a hidden high security feature built into the coin to prevent counterfeiting in the future." Obviously, it's some sort of RFID tag or tracking device so the government can keep tabs on you. And where better to keep tabs on a person than in the pocket, right next to their cell phone and privates? Man...the government secrets my nuts could tell. "WASH US." Oh shut up, you're not a dirty car.

Keep going for a shot of the back (complete with telltale illuminati symbols) and a video about the new coin.


Thanks to Gabe, who only believes in barter systems.

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