The Interior Of A Boeing 787 Jumbo Jet With No Seats Installed

November 16, 2016


Note: Full-res version HERE in case you want to search for Kilroy (I couldn't find him).

This is an interior shot of a Boeing 787 jumbo jet before any seats have been installed. As you can see, it looks like a pretty awful place to try to play hide and seek. But it looks like a pretty great place to play other things, games. What are love games anyways? I just like mentioning stuff I don't know anything about because it makes people think I'm smarter than I really am. Which, for the record, is not very smart at all. When I was in middle school they thought I was special and scheduled me to take an IQ test. You know what I got? "85?" The test date and time all wrong. FUN FACT: A truck driver never denies a horn honk for a kid riding the short bus.

Thanks to Richard K, who agrees that looks like a great place to build a blanket fort en route for distant lands.

  • Wow... this actually looks more comfortable than if it had seats. I would love to just stretch out on the ground, use my coat as a pillow, and sleep off the flight.

  • Jenness

    You might be onto something - but it would take too much room. Eventually they'll have tiny standing-only cubicles to just pack people in like sardines.

  • Now this is how you fucking fly. I wanna draw yard markers and play a pickup game of flag football. Then just cover this thing in bean bag chairs. Then throw in a jacuzzi. Then set up a pocket bike race track. Then set up a crocodile mile with a margarita pool at the end.

    Jesus I would be such a weird/awesome billionaire.

  • Jason Christopher

    1000 pts for the Crocodile Mile reference

  • Jenness

    My kid would love to just run up and down this until he passed out. Not sure what it is about wide open spaces like this that make you want to just run as fast as you can with your arms open while giggling or screaming Wheee!! but it's a cool urge I think we should all indulge more often.

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