The AOL 'You've Got Mail' Voice Actor Is An Uber Driver In Cleveland, Ohio

November 8, 2016


This is a short video posted by Brandee Barker in Cleveland, Ohio starring Elwood Edwards, the voice actor behind AOL's classic, "You've got mail." Elwood said he was paid $200 for the voice work when he did it back in 1989, and now, 27 years later he's an Uber driver. The road of life leads us in mysterious directions sometimes. That was a driving tie-in by the way. Because he drives for Uber. You know I tried to sell Apple a soundbite for their laptops when you open them that yells, "TOUCH MY BUTTONS" but they weren't interested in buying. Honestly, it seems like they were more interested in how I got into the building and how they were going to get me out.

Keep going for a video of Elwood's silky smooth voice in action.

Thanks to Sandy, who allegedly once rode with the guy who scored the Windows 98 startup theme.

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